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Our Blockchain-like, Distributed Ledger Technology, (DLT) is integrated to include
a DeFi subscription based refer-and-reward-system, that through network marketing,
gives you the possibility to make hundreds of thousands in rewards, every time your unique, encrypted link is used to subscribe to the to the digital-magazine.

Featured artist and subscribers are encouraged to share their encrypted-customized link
on their social media platforms and to as many friends and family members as possible,
thus creating a network that expands exponentially. Your private account-dashboards will
display every new subscriber-referral, while referees enjoy a $1 revenue-share for each
new subscription that signs up using their referral link.



Get paid





Users are encouraged to share their custom link to friends & family on all of social media  platforms. 

Users create account & generate a custom encrypted link / QR code


Earning you cash/tokens every time your link is used to subscribe.

“We feel that this is as big as any Blockchain, Crypto, or NFT offering to date. Communities of color are often the last to take advantage of new financial opportunities that help create and pass down generational wealth, we are hoping that this new media/DeFi product/system may help to change that.”

- Christi Love | CEO


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Subscribers are encouraged to register a DBA with the IRS to receive an EIN Number to pay taxes on commission earnings which could grow into hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Our goal at Spotlight [Web3] Digital Content Magazine is to help create a new generation of entrepreneurs. So we have compiled some of our favorite resources to help make your journey into entrepreneurship an easy one. 

Clarity Coach: “Our Entire Experience is about Seeking Purpose and Clarity | Precious Azurée

Clarity Coach: “Our Entire Experience is about Seeking Purpose and Clarity | Precious Azurée

#SuccessStories #EntrepreneurshipJourney #ClarityCoach Join host Martel Matthews on this enlightening episode of "Great Minds Meet" as he sits down with the extraordinary Precious Azurée—an accomplished entrepreneur, celebrated author, and sought-after clarity coach. In this inspiring conversation, Precious shares the journey behind her remarkable success, delving into the pivotal moments that shaped her path to the world of personal development and business strategy. Precious discusses her latest book, revealing the core principles that have guided her to not only achieve her goals but also to empower countless others in finding their own clarity and purpose. Listen in to hear Precious Azurée’s inspiring story of determination and grit, and learn how you can unlock your potential. Whether you're looking for motivation, business tips, or personal growth advice, this conversation will leave you feeling inspired and ready to take action. Timestamps: 0:00 - Intro 1:35 - What gave you the vision? 4:45 - How did your struggles help you develop your strengths? 8:04 - What inspired you to write the book? 14:05 - Where did Clarity come from? 16:10 - World view vs God view 20:10 - How do we create new thoughts in our body? 25:25 - What kind of goals get accomplished? 27:58 - What is grit? 35:55 - Distractions 40:26 - Meditation practices 44:36 - What would you have told your 16 year old self? 47:07 - Conclusion __________________________________________________________________ 📌 Advertise your business/brand to our 1M+ Follower/Subscriber Network: 💥 We help you create content like this to grow your brand to 1M+ followers: 💸 Work with Black Wall St. Marketing team to market your business, brand or event: 📱Text The Word: “BWS” to 888-111 We communicate directly with you through random virtual group sessions 🔔Go and make sure to Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for more content like this __________________________________________________________________ Follow us on Social Media 👇🏾: FB: IG: TIKTOK: WEBSITE:
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